Robert Cervantez-tattoo artist in San Jose, CA-took my deposit and never delivered!

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After using the internet to research a tattoo shop with artists that seemed professional, I ended up with a flakey tattoo artist who changed shops and never informed me!

Robert, Rob, or Roberto Cervantez a San Jose tattoo artist took my deposit for a tattoo and took almost a month to deliver any artwork. I have several tattoos and had never had any artist take this long to deliver any artwork or the actual tattoo for that matter!

He sent me two designs at the same time so that when I called him to make slight changes, he expected me to pay another 40 bucks because the deposit only covered two drawings! I expressed to him that I thought this was set up so that anyone with any changes would be forced to pay more money because he eliminated the option of a second drawing by sending them both together from the start, even though I never asked for two!

He said he would work on the final touch ups and would call me to let me know when they were ready. Since then, he has not called me at all.

At this point it doesn't matter-I would NEVER want someone so unprofessional to tattoo me, but it should be known that if you choose Rob Cervantez to do your tattoo-this could happen to you!


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It's a good thing I read this!!!Seriously, I was looking into getting a piece done and i'm from San Jose and came across this!

This guy worked at Lucky Stars Tattoo Shop in SJ, and now works at Death by Dishonor in SJ. I'm not going to some shady guy for my tat!!!

He should have given you a deadline right off the bat for your art.Consider yourself lucky, he could have been just as slacking in the tattoo, and then it would be too late.

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Im from es san jose & I know this guy to be very shady! Do not Deal with him....

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